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New Arrivals

The freshest new small-batch jewelry styles are here! Shop like the adventurous soul you are and be the first to adorn yourself with these meaningful beauties.

Our newest arrivals is chapter four of the Equinox Collection

Equinox is about the balance of lightness and darkness, the changing of seasons, the loss of some things giving away for the birth of others. And slowly; creating beauty from the change.  I hope they speak to you, and can be markers of your own beauty through transition.

Chapter four is chicly celestial in nature and features all day every day must-have pieces that are perfect to layer up and live in. Representing your oneness with the stars and you inner balance of natures duality.

Chapter three features luminous baroque fresh water pearls combined with the organic elements of twisting stems. Pearls can symbolize so many things but to us they always speak of femininity and new life.

Chapter two features deep rich natural onyx stones, the sculptural elements of growing and twisting stems and the mystical beauty and symbolism of a the rising phoenix.

Chapter one takes cues from imperial references and features natural Carnelian and Aventurine gemstones in richly ornate settings.