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New Arrivals

The freshest new small-batch jewelry styles are here! Shop like the adventurous soul you are and be the first to adorn yourself with these meaningful beauties.

Our newest arrivals are the first chapter of new collection: Equinox. 

Equinox is about the balance of lightness and darkness, the changing of seasons, the loss of some things giving away for the birth of others. And slowly; creating beauty from the change.  I hope they speak to you, and can be markers of your own beauty through transition. This ornate and intricate styles take cues from imperial references and feature natural Carnelian and Aventurine gemstones.

Also newer on the scene is our beloved Heart A'flame Collection.
Created to be worn as a reminder to follow your hearts truest desires.
This collection features the duality of a heart a'flame emblem in which one part is on fire with passion and the other is radiating with the light that comes from following it.
All stones are natural quartz ranging from crystal clear to deep fuchsia. Quartz is believed to be an amplifier of your thoughts and energy. The perfect gem to transmit your heart's energy louder and stronger.