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Imagine the scent of gold... what would that be?
Warm, luxurious, enchanting, and strong.  A scent that transports you to a divinely exotic setting and melts away everything else. The Golden scented candle was created to embody just that feeling.  An immersion of yourself in golden luxury. 

With notes of suede, cedar, tobacco, and clove melded together in a rich musky fragrance, this androgynous scent is truly special.  The number one question I get is if it comes in a perfume .....(not yet).  Enjoy it in two different sizes now as a luxury scented candle.  Each one is and poured in pure soy wax with the finest essential oils and is beautifully boxed. They're perfect for gifting, but hard not to keep for yourself.


Golden Candle from $18.00