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I think of Jewelry collections like novels, so for this collection: Equinox, I'll be doing things a little differently and releasing each small group as chapters every few weeks that build upon the story. In that way, you can build out your collection as it speaks to your own story as you go.
The Equinox collection is about the balance of lightness and darkness, the changing of seasons, the loss of some things giving away for the birth of others. And slowly; creating beauty from the change. I hope they speak to you and can be markers of your own beauty through transition.
Traditionally, an equinox is the magical occurrence that happens twice a year when the sun crosses the equator and makes the day and night of equal time for all parts of the world at once. I love the reassurance of feeling that the whole world can be on the same frequency at once, no matter where your location, and the complete balance of light and dark. A reminder that there cannot be one without the other and the beauty to be found in the balance of both.