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    Style with Strength

    Finely Crafted Jewelry that Celebrates Strength in Femininity


    Keep it Real

    We use gold and silver only. No filler base metals like brass. Ever.


    Affordable Luxury

    Our vermeil (that's heavy gold on silver) delivers exceptional quality minus the cost.

    Precious Metals Only

    Precious Metals Only

    All of our gold is vermeil. Which is the heaviest layer of gold bonded to sterling silver.

    All precious metals, all the time. Vermeil is 2-3x the thickness of typical plating and because it's gold and silver only, it's long lasting and ideal for sensitive skin.

    Learn more about our metals & care here.

    Meet the Beating Heart Lariat

    Meet the Beating Heart Lariat

    A truly special piece; this necklace was a labor of love in creation.

    Featuring a dimensional hand engraved quartz heart held in a gold frame and suspended from lariat drop chain.

    You won't find anything else like it. And the best part? It represents channeling your hearts truest desires.

    Shop here now, we only made a few.



    Set your heart on fire.

    Follow the dream, fuel the passion, do the thing that both scares and excites you.

    Let your heart take lead.

    My hope is for this collection to serve as encouragement and a talisman for your own hearts path.


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    Glowing Golden

    Glowing Golden

    Introducing our exclusive golden scented candle. Rich, warm, and musky with notes of clove and cedar. If gold were a scent, we'd like to think it'd be this.