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All gold jewelry is finely crafted in gold vermeil. That's a heavy layer of GOLD bonded to STERLING SILVER.

Vermeil is 2-3x the thickness of standard plated jewelry. That means much longer lasting and ideal for sensitive skin because there are no reactive filler metals like brass or nickel.

We like to say "vermeil all day" for investment worthy quality.

Learn more about our materials and care here.


 I created Shop Lausanne  with the desire to create unique, meaningful, affordable luxury jewelry.  And to fill the void I was always on the hunt for myself;  those truly special pieces that spoke to me, were unlike anything else, and of true quality.

I strive to design jewelry that celebrates the strength and depths of you, and represents something deeper inside. I believe jewelry to be a deeply personal expression and cherish the gift it is to both create and wear it. I love the subtle way it can portray personality and meaning to you and how it can give you that little boost of feeling luxe.

As a former corporate girl fashion designer, I used to think that bringing a vision to life was the best thing, but as a newbie business owner now, seeing you connect with a style has become by far the most special thing to me and I'm so happy you're here!


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Custom made, just for you.

Your choice of 2, 3, or 4 letters custom molded into a gorgeous medallion necklace in 14k Gold Vermeil or Sterling Silver.

Celebrate yourself, your children, your love, you name it.

Meet the Beating Heart Lariat

A labor of love in creation.

Featuring a dimensional hand engraved quartz heart held in a golden prong frame and suspended from a lariat drop chain.

You won't find anything else like it. And the best part? It represents channeling your hearts truest desires.

She's very limited, so don't wait to adorn your own.

Find yourself wishing you knew all your ring sizes every-time you go to add to your stack? Let's change that.  I'll walk you through two different methods to find your ring size for any and all fingers by yourself, at home, right now.
Things not feeling as sparkly as they could be? Let me help you get them shined right up again. Read on for an easy guide to cleaning and caring for your gold vermeil jewelry.
Vermeil (pronounced "ver-may") explained.  Everything you need to know about what gold vermeil is, how it compares to other types of gold, and why you'll love it so much.