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How to Find Your Ring Size at Home


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Knowing your ring size feels like one of those refined lady skills every woman should just magically know.  But the truth is most of us have no idea.  Ok, maybe we know our ring finger, or maybe even the difference between our right and left ring fingers, but there’s usually not a time when you walk into a jewelry store and say you want every single finger measured.

Let’s change that. You can find your ring size, at home, for every finger, right now.

two hands with lots of rings

Our super easy guide gives you two options and I’ll walk you through each.

Step one, download our sizing guide right here.

Before hitting print, double check your settings and make sure the scaling box indicates either “100%” or “none” (we don’t want printer margins throwing everything off.)

Once your ring sizing guide is printed, measure the guideline to make sure it’s matching up to your ruler and printed to scale.  No ruler? No problem. Take out your favorite credit card and align that up to the guideline to check that way (they’re all the same size.)

Now that you know you have an accurate print out, let’s walk through each measuring option. 

The first method is by comparing a ring you already have.  This is fast and easy if you already have a ring that fits you perfectly on your finger of choice and you want to check and see what size it is.

Hold your ring over each circle until you find the one that fits perfectly inside the inner edges of the ring. You should see all the white and the black outline of the guide but no color on the inside.  And the number shown is your size! If you’re in-between sizes we always recommend sizing up, you can also see the mm measurement listed there too which is helpful for European sizing.

Ring laying flat on tile in the sun

The second method is to measure your own fingers.  This is how you can find the size to every finger and never have to guess what size to order again. 

Before you start though, it’s good to know that our fingers can swell and shrink a full size within a day’s time so it’s important to measure at a time when you’re in your most natural state.  That means not too hot, not too cold, not hungover, not after a flight, and not first thing after waking up, or right after a workout.  Alternatively, you could measure at different times a couple days in a row to really compare.

To use the paper guide measuring method, simply cut out the little guide, make a slit on the line indicated, and wrap it around your finger with the numbers facing out.  Slide the tip through the slit and the number it shows at the slit is your size.

When measuring like this it’s very important to measure the widest part of your finger (which could be your knuckle) as you might move the paper a bit when sliding over but the metal of a ring won’t be as flexible.  I think it’s best to measure both your knuckle and where you want your ring to sit and compare.

Like always, if you’re in-between two sizes I recommend sizing up in general.  And take into consideration the style of ring you’re sizing for.  Narrow bands like these will feel like the fit looser and are easier to wiggle past knuckles so in that case you could get away with a smaller size.  On the other hand, wider band rings like our Itty Big Band will feel a lot tighter and are harder to slip past a knuckle so go up a size if you’re in-between on those.

Model with ring extended on finger

I also have a little video on how to use our guide here if you’re a visual learner this will make either method a snap to do.

And lastly, if you don’t have a printer at home, you can also order a ring sizer for less than $5 on Amazon.  They look like little plastic zip ties and are usually called a ring multi sizer, or ring gauge belt.  Just make sure you get it for the right country’s sizing method.  These work in the same way the paper print out one functions.

Once you’ve found all your sizes, I recommend making a note of them and it handy in your jewelry box for next time you’re working on your stack. And speaking of stacking…check out these special rings to add to your stack here.

I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions I'd love to help, you can reach me at or @lausannejewelry on instagram.

Shine on you magical person knowing all your ring sizes you!





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