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Onyx Phoenix Band Ring Silver

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"the beauty and meaning of this band is stunning"

In Greek and Egyptian Mythology, the Phoenix represents rebirth, renewal, and regeneration just as does our Onyx Phoenix Band Ring of the Equinox Jewelry Collection. The open band style is an interpretation of a soaring Phoenix rising again from itself to keep transforming for eternity.  A symbol that brings joy, hope, and prosperity with new beginnings.

The three-tier textural stem band organically wraps around the finger and set with 14 tiny natural onyx stones at the center peak. It's special and beautiful worn alone, but also really dynamic when stacked together with the Onyx Stem Ring which nestles right into the opening.  Use code: ONYXSET15 to take 15% off when you buy one of each to make it a set.

Please note, all of our silver quantities are extremely limited, so jump on them while you can!  I'll make more as well if I get enough requests, so please reach out if you'd like a size that isn't available.

Stone Properties:      Onyx is a strength-giving stone. It provides support in times of mental and physical stress and confusion. Onyx helps you connect to your higher whole self and facilitates being the master of your own destiny while balancing the yin and yang energies within.

Materials:   925 Sterling Silver

All of our silver jewelry is finely crafted with ethically sourced 925 Sterling Silver.

Dimensions:    1mm Onyx Stones X 14 - 5.5mm Wide Band

To find your ring size at home, refer to our ring sizing guide here.  This style runs true to size, however since it is an open band you have some extra wiggle room there too. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out, I'm happy to help!

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