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What a few of our Mom friends want for Mother's Day and stories of how they're doing Mothering during a pandemic.

What a few of our Mom friends want for Mother's Day and stories of how they're doing Mothering during a pandemic.

We asked several of our “mom-friends” this year what was on their wish list’s for Mother’s Day.  And also, what it’s been like mothering lately with the extra time at home with their children.

Mom.  The original essential Worker.

Here’s what these amazing women had to share with us.  We hope it helps to lift you up, let you know you’re not alone in the struggles and the joy, and remind you that you probably this year more than ever, you or your Mom deserves something extra nice.  (We’re here to help with that!)

Mother with a baby, toddler, and small boy

 Lausanne:  What’s been the most precious about the extra time at home right now?

 Momma Melanie: Seeing how much the kids all love each other, and love playing and snuggling each other.

Lausanne:  And the hardest?

Momma Melanie: Figuring out what to make for breakfast/lunch/dinner every single day that everyone wants to eat.                                                                    

On Melanie’s wish list is the Sprinkle Necklace in 14k Gold Vermeil.  Light, simple, and chic, we like to think of it as a little sprinkle of shine for your neckline.  Available in sterling silver too, it makes an excellent gift for you or for Mom.

14k Gold Vermeil Sprinkle Necklace on model

Mother with twin  sons
Lausanne:   Any new activities or advice?

Mommma Rachael: Sometimes blasting your favorite song and triggering an impromptu dance party is just the right kind of medicine.

 Lausanne:  What’s been the hardest?

 Momma Rachael:  Never really having a moment to myself.  I lock myself in the bathroom for a few minutes of solitude and pray the house won’t be on fire when I come out. 

On Rachael’s wish list is the Eye Drop Necklace“I love this piece since it’s bold yet delicate, it encompasses femininity and strength.”


Mother with son

Lausanne:  What’s been one of the nicest new things about this time together?
Momma Tasha: Spending mornings together before starting work. I’m usually out of the door before he wakes up, so it’s nice to just relax with him in the morning now.

 What’s on Tasha’s list for Mother’s Day? The Lock Link Ring in 14k Gold Vermeil.  It represents balance and strength, just what we all need right now. Especially Mom.

Lock Link Ring

Lausanne:  What’s bringing you joy right now?
Momma Alyssa: I love watching the girls play together. I’m happy they have one another.


The unique Double Cuff Earrings on Alyssa’s Mother’s Day list.  In 14k Gold Vermeil, these special modern little earrings if the illusion of a wraparound cuff with the security of a normal post back.

Lausanne:  What’s been the one of the most unexpected new things since mothering in the pandemic and more time at home?
Momma Amanda:   My 3 yr old son has perfected sounding just like me. I would always tell him don’t get upset and be happy.  Since we’ve been homebound, they are getting into so much more trouble. When I get frustrated, he comes up to me and puts is two little chubby hands on my cheeks and says don’t be angry Mommy, be happy.  Which always makes me burst out laughing immediately.


The Lock Link necklace is what I’m hoping for.  To me it represents the unbreakable bond I have with my two sons.”

Lock Link Necklace on model

            We’re so grateful to these beautiful Mothers for sharing their stories and gifting choices with us.  For more gift ideas check out our complete Mother’s Day Gifting Guide Edit here.


To hear more stories or share yours with us (we’d love to hear!) follow along and tag @lausannejewelry on Instagram.


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